One of the WordPress Core developers has put forward a proposal to block by default Google’s controversial FLoC technology, which is intended to be a replacement for third-party cookies. To do this, it is proposed to mark it as a security issue — at this stage.

«WordPress powers approximately 41% of the Internet,» the proposal says.

For those users who want to enable FLoC, it is proposed to provide the ability to do this independently in the blog settings using a special switch.

According to the author of the proposal, the interests of users and site visitors are more important than the interests of their owners.

In order to block FLoC for current users, it is suggested that FLoC be treated as a security issue rather than waiting for the next WP release, which is expected in July.

“The release of version 5.8 is only scheduled for July 2021, and FLoC may be launched as early as this month. Moreover, a significant number of WordPress sites only upgrade to minor versions. By porting back, we can protect more sites and visitors to those sites — and increase the impact. »

Time will tell whether this proposal will be approved in the WordPress community.

NIX Solutions notes that most of major browsers are not going to use FLoC.